Transmedia Marketing Playbook


Media options are constantly increasing and evolving as consumers adopt new technologies. This proliferation of media choices also fundamentally changes how marketers communicate and engage and with consumers.
Consumers often don’t use only one device or only one communications channel, such as online social networks and that challenges marketers to create a connection with consumers on their own multi-channel terms, providing an experience that is personalized, always available and easily sharable. Marketers are vying for mere fragments of consumer attention. They need a new approach for using multiple media channels to reach a more distracted audience.
Marketers know this shift toward multi-channel communication by many names. We’re calling it “transmedia marketing.” It involves synchronous multi-platform social storytelling and multi-level community engagement and participation. The vocabulary isn’t nearly as important as is the way of thinking and the adjusted marketing approach. This extended model is not an easy transition for most marketers and many publications to date only provide a surface-level analysis of the marketing landscape changing from traditional to digital or statistics focused onnew media or consumer technology adoption.
The goal of this document is to provide a framework, as well as some tools to help brand and product marketers with social storytelling and managing audience relationships with multiple platforms; to help questions “Where do I start?” and “What can I expect to find?” It outlines the activities and challenges in adopting a transmedia friendly orientation to telling a branded story. It provides a specific framework for analysis, strategic planning and execution with some guidance on when a transmedia approach would be appropriate, such as for product launches and rebranding support. Read more…